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What Is The Caribbean

The Caribbean (/ˌkærɪˈbən/ or /kəˈrɪbiən/, local most common pronunciation /ˈkærɪˌbən/[3]) is a region that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands (some surrounded by the Caribbean Sea[4] and some bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean[5]) and the surrounding coasts. The region is southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America.

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Do Yo Plan To Go On A Vacation Away From Noisey City?

If you are planning a romantic getaway with someone special or you want to share your vacation with family or spend some quality time away from the noise, pollution for the city? or you are planning to go on with a group of friends, or even a group of colleagues for an incentive or team-building experience to a quiet place where you can feel the nature, there is nothing quite like a Caribbean sailing vacation with Crewed yacht charters. As it is one in its own experience. No matter if you are sailing in the British Virgin Islands or elsewhere in the Caribbean, There is a high possibility that you will & may encounter calm turquoise blue waters, endless sandy beaches for a romantic & relaxing stop, laid-back island atmosphere and friendly people as you enjoy your sailing charter & all this can be rented with very attractive packages.

Why Choose Catamaran Karizma

1-855-924-8252Cape Royal (53′ Royal Cape Catamaransis a really perfect choice for a full family vacation. It is an absolutely great choice for families or a large group of friends, It is spacious for large groups of friends & full family vacation. According to the boat owner, he thinks there are two things that set Karizma apart from most of the other crewed yacht charter options. One is how spacious she is, and the second is the way she’s equipped. Full of toys and lots of fun things to do.

6100 Quarters #A1-5, St. Thomas, VI 00802, U.S. Virgin Islands





Secrets Of Travelling Cheap & Economical In The United States – Part 1

On my way from Washington to New York

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The day before my flight, I was thinking about how to reach the airport on time? In fact, this is the question that arises on everyone’s mind before traveling to a different state. I then decided to go through my options & dismissed each one of them for being too expensive.

The cab is the first option for many travelers as this is the most expensive options in Dulles. too overwhelming ( the traveling long-term economy lot at Dulles), too inconvenient (Washington Flyer), too unwieldy (Metrobus) or too communal (Super Shuttle).

It is also a specific factor traveling or my trip, like the no of days travelling & longer flight times can also result in exhaustion. I do mostly travel internally inside US.

After going through all the options, I was ready to book a shuttle. However during my online research gave me more appealing option on IAD Dulles Airport Parking. As this park & fly service has started giving affordable parking all across States which are very close to airports & are most affordable options for the people who are frequent travelers in cars & flights in short Park & Fly.

If we compare the parking rates with Dulles’s Economy lot boasts more than 12,000 slots. The one which I found charges as low as $5 per 24 hours & also offers with 24 hours Free Shuttle Service with discount codes to frequent flyers. The garage is about 10 minutes drive away from airport & does save lot of money & time with a hassle free options for travelling.

Destination NYC

Destination NYC & statue of liberty

As New York is one of the most visited holiday destination locally & internationally. I spend some of my long weekends in New York.

Let’s now discuss the best way to spend your long weekend in New York by not spending too much of your money & enjoying your stay to the fullest.

Hop On Hop Off

Image result for hop on hop off nyc

If you are in New York & you want to see complete or most of it with a tour guide then there are many tourist bus options which you can board multiple times according to your pass. As this pass includes Bus tour of New York & you can any time hop in or hop off where you want to get down & have a personal experience of the place.

The pass you get has multiple tickets which may include a ferry ride to Statue of Liberty (This ride will not halt or stop near Statue of Liberty).

Stay tuned for more information on my trip