Everything You Need To Know About Caribbean Sailing Vacation

Everything You Need To Know About Caribbean Sailing Vacation

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Everyone needs a vacation from their busy schedule once in a while. The best part of the excitement of a Caribbean sailing vacation is the sense of adventure of exploring new places as there are many islands in the Caribbean as well as the unique opportunity to experience onboard exotic cuisine.

You cannot think of anything elsewhere or nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes time to provision your charter as there are many things available when you are onboard. Whether you are just purchasing drinks and snacks, or even planning to prepare some delicious meals aboard, provisioning & making preparations for the same can be a rewarding adventure on its own.


There are many options when it comes to food as the key is to keep it simple and not to reduce vacation time spent in cooking so it does not become a burdensome task as you are on a vacation & not on a house duty.

There are basically multiple options for provisioning on your All Inclusive Crewed Yacht. The first option can be, if you have the money to spend and caviar to tastes, then you can have an independent provisioner who can prepare your provisions in advance and have them delivered to your boat on schedule. The second option can be, for an extra additional fee, most charter companies can offer a choice of provisioning options which you can select during the booking. The plans could be different with the different services selected.